Submissions are closed for Temporal Bone Dissection Contest

Temporal Bone Dissection Gold Medal Contest

The Temporal Bone Dissection Contest is conducted as a part of RhinOtoCon 2019 for both PGs and Consultants. You can participate by registering with your Name, Email Id, Phone number, RhinOtoCon Registration Number and submitting 3 photographs of your specimen with a brief write-up.

Note - Conference registration is mandatory to participate in the E-poster presentation.

Contest Information

1. The contest is open to both residents & consultants.

2. Each candidates should submit three photographs of temporal bones each with the following dissection in wet bones -
a. Translabyrinthine approach to internal auditory meatus.
b. Exposure of semi circular canals, Labyrinth and Facial nerve.
c. Dissected according to candidate’s own choice.

3. Prize winner will be selected by the contest committee during RhinOtoCon 2019.